Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three things on Thursday

1.) Earlier this week I got to meet some bloggy friends! Thanks Meredith for making all the arrangements! It was a beautiful day at the park, meeting new friends while the kids played. I'm looking forward to doing it again and including more local bloggers, so let me know if you want to join us.

2.) I'm reading a wonderful book by Elisabeth Elliot titled "Discipline: The Glad Surrender." This book is deeply insightful and challenging. I am already planning to read it again when I finish because I find it to be so deep and engaging. Here is just one of many wonderful quotes: "My burden is light," Jesus said. It is the addition of burdens God never meant us to carry that weighs us down. Learn to say no.

3.) I've succumbed to weariness this week. The truth is I've been fighting it with daily (continuous) prayer, but my soul is weary. I have four friends and one family member currently battling cancer, and another is being tested for it in days to come. There are no words....

I've watched several other friends and family members battle this awful disease. The journey is long and difficult. The outcome uncertain. I find myself being more thankful for the good health I currently have. The enemy of my soul tempts me to fear that I'll be next. The Lord gives me words of encouragement to share with those people in my life going through the storm. All I know to do is cling to Him, trust in His sovereignty and seek His wisdom and guidance. (And, perhaps, refer myself to the quote in #2 of this post.)

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Emily said...

I had so much fun at our blog get together too! And LOVE that quote, I will be writing that down. Sounds like a book I need to put on my book list!