Monday, July 2, 2007

Not Again!

I got hit with another stomach bug over the weekend then Emma got it last night. It's bad enough seeing your baby sick and trying to take care of her while you are sick, but this came just as we are preparing to leave for vacation tomorrow. Five days on the lake won't be any fun with a stomach bug. I've been praying like crazy! And I realized ~ Emma has complete faith when we pray that Jesus will heal her. I pray and think about back up plans in case we don't get well. No wonder we are supposed to have the faith of a child. So today I am trusting that God knows what we need and will help us heal so we can enjoy this long awaited vacation.

On another note, Emma has recently learned to play computer games. One day she just asked so I sat down to show her how it all works. Within 5 minutes she had it figured out. Now ~ just a few weeks later ~ she can navigate on her own! That is amazing to me! I didn't learn to use a computer until 7th grade. Well I have to go because it's Emma's turn to use the computer and she has been waiting so patiently. :)

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