Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm SO Asher!

What can I say?! Seeing Beth Moore live was simply amazing! She is so enthusiastic and funny and in love with God. And she's humble. Every time Beth prayed she got on her knees before us, and she made it so clear that she's just like the rest of us. She's not above struggles and sins and warfare.

Beth taught us to pray a prayer based on Deuteronomy 33 ~ and the Hebrew word "asher" which means "happy." She taught us there is such a thing as biblical happiness - not just joy - but happiness. This word happiness is circumstantial ~ but we all have reason to be happy because God has intervened in our circumstances! We should take time to be happy because God has been good to us. Amen!

I wish I could share in more detail but that would take a whole day and you'd get tired of reading this blog before the end. The cool thing is they were taping yesterday, so it will be available on DVD. I will let you know how to get it when I find out more.

Thanks to my peppie, morning mother...we were on the third row of the concourse level. :) As you can see from the pictures we had really great seats.

They are dark because I had flash problems. If you click on them for a larger image, you can see them better. By the way, I pulled out my camera to take my first picture and my batteries were dead! Ironically, the girl sitting next to me had the exact same camera so she let me borrow her battery. Whew...that was close!

Here's me and my mom. It was so special to share this day with her. She gave me a new journal to take notes in and boy did I. We were writing as fast as we could.

I just have to say for the record ~ I'm not the kind of person who is really star struck. I don't follow their lives and I don't dream of meeting any of them. However, I had the opportunity to go to the Oprah show about 9 years ago and I felt in awe when I saw her. I actually got tears in my eyes. Seeing Beth Moore was just like that experience. I was so in awe seeing her in person. I didn't cry but the excitement in me was bubbling over. Also ~ seeing Beth was way better than seeing Oprah because Beth is a spiritual mentor and I've been over Oprah for years. :)

One more thing ~ and this is the last one I promise! But something happened to me at Beth Moore that has never happened to me. This lady was talking to my mom and asked if I was a beautician?! My mom said no and the lady said "well her hair is just so beautiful." I guess I was having a very good hair day. :) And Beth was too. She said she loved CO because you can have such good hair here due to the lack of humidity. Amen to that, too!

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