Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday, Monday

Well I had a relaxing and fun weekend in Breckenridge. I didn't take many pictures because...well we didn't do much. And that was the whole point for me. The speaker, Lysa TerKeurst was awesome. She is so funny and real and down to earth.

During our free time my roommate Tiffiny and I went for a long walk, read magazines, had quiet time with God and talked LOTS! It was really fun getting to know her better. We also had a two hour lunch with some other girlfriends, which was wonderful. Here is a picture of Felicia (a new friend), Tiffiny and me.

I took this picture of these three ladies because they were so cute and inspiring! They sat at the same table with us one morning and told us how they had been friends for 20 years. Their kids grew up together, they had gone through every major life event together, and here they were ~ having a great time! I thought and said "I wonder if that will be the three of us in 20 years, looking back at this first retreat when we were new friends getting to know each other better." Hmmmmmm...... It's fun to think about.

I got exactly what I needed and hoped for at this retreat. Some rest ~ girlfriend time ~ time with God ~ a new perspective ~ and a refreshed heart. I was so excited to return home. Emma met me at the door with a full arms and legs hug. Tim had bought me flowers and Emma made me a card welcoming me home. It was a special homecoming.

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