Friday, October 12, 2007


I think we are all thankful it's Friday, but last night I was not looking forward to today. I was anticipating being in oral surgery for most of the day having one - if not two - root canals. YUCK!

It all started Tuesday with a visit to the dentist. I was having some "sensitivity" in one tooth. By the time I left there, my dentist had told me I had an infection in an old root canal and the tooth next to it had fractures ~ both of which would need a root canal to fix. If that wasn't possible, I would be facing an implant. WHAT?! I am only 34 years old...barely!

So this morning I had a very early appointment with an endodontist specialist. (Let's just say I have not seen a sunrise in a while. It was breath-taking!) They were wonderful and spent over an hour with me. I had questions about many teeth - not just the two that my dentist was concerned about. And they checked each tooth and did all they could to diagnose the problem. Which - as it turned out - was nothing! No infection. No fracture. No cavities.

At this point I am praising God, of course! All the specialist found was that my crown on another tooth needed to be adjusted because it was altering my bite, causing too much pressure on other teeth, hence the various aches and pains.

In the end I was done with dental issues by 9 am and was able to join Tim and Emma for lunch at my in-laws house. We had a beautiful afternoon playing outside and spending time with family. Now that's a good ending, don't you think?!

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