Thursday, October 11, 2007

Zoo Day & Cards

Emma and I got to go to the zoo today with some friends. It's the first time we have been since summer. It was a beautiful fall day and so relaxing. Just what I needed!

Yesterday I was working on Bible study and it brought me to Galations 5:22-23, which is about the fruit of the Spirit. That reminded me of a new stamp that my sis-n-law gave me not long ago, so as soon as I was done I headed to the craft room to make cards! The fruit of the Spirit is my favorite topic from the Bible. I read everything I can about it. And this year I have hosted two showers where that was the theme. Love it! After making these cards, I decided this is my new favorite stamp. By the way, can you tell I am hooked on Groovy Gauva paper? I use it on almost every card. At least I found some different coordinating papers this time. I was excited about that, too!

I'm hoping to head to Archivers this weekend to use a bday gift card, so hopefully I will get some inspiration for Christmas cards. I have been debating about whether to make my own this year (something I haven't done in several years) because I send out over 100 cards. But I am feeling up to the challenge since I made over 100 cards for the wedding I coordinated this summer. All I can say is ~ time will tell.

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