Monday, December 31, 2007

What I've Learned

My friend Amy wrote about the things she has learned in the past year on today's post. I love what she wrote and have been inspired to share my own lessons from the previous year.

I've learned:
*As a follower of Christ, we are not exempt from trials and troubles in this life.

*This life is full of brokenness.

*I am so blessed to be a mom. This is not something I just learned, but it's something I am constantly grateful for and wanted to share.

*I have been blessed with a wonderful marriage. Tim and I have always known we were made for each other. Like two puzzle pieces that just fit. I, too, have seen my husband become a different man this year. Through some of the toughest trials we have ever faced, I've seen Tim grow closer to God and become such a strong spiritual leader. I had no idea our marriage could get any better but somehow it has.

*God cares about our dreams. And He will not say "no" to one unless it is absolutely essential to His plan. How I wish I could see the reason for His answers sometimes.

*I'm not entitled to anything. I always cringe when I hear someone say' "I deserve..." this or that. Thank GOD for his mercy that does not give me what I deserve. And thank HIM for his grace that gives me what I don't deserve.

*Home schooling for preschool has been worth ever single minute that I've spent with Emma. I'm clinging to these last few months that I have her at home. On the first day of kindergarten, one of us will be in absolute tears, and I can tell you it won't be Emma.

*New friends are just as wonderful as old friends. Over the past year, a few of my closest friends have moved away. I am blessed to still be in contact with them, and I am grateful for the new friendships that God has planted in my life.

*"Kill 'em with kindness" really does work. Showing self control and holding my tongue has proven to be very beneficial this past year.

*We have God's favor the moment we surrender our lives to Him. I've spent a lot of time in the last year praying for the favor of God, confusing with it with what He does or does not do for me. The biggest lesson of 2007 for me has been that I've been living in God's favor all along. If He answers my prayers, I will praise Him. And if He doesn't answer my prayers (the way I want), I will still praise Him.

WOW ~ I could go on and on. There have been many big spiritual lessons in my life this past year. But this blog is getting long and I want you to come back again tomorrow.

I will leave you with the anticipation of the evening we have ahead. Every year since Emma was born, we have gone out to dinner on New Years Eve at the Sunbird (or as Emma calls it, "The restaurant on the hill"). This is a family tradition I hope to carry on until Emma leaves home when she is 35. :) I'll post pictures tomorrow. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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