Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bad Mail

Usually, one of the highlights of my morning-sickness-induced-days is getting the mail. BUT all that changed yesterday when I got a jury summons! Are you kidding me?! Could this have come at a worse time?!

Normally it would not be a big deal to me, but since I am still living in my PJs most days...this is a BIG deal. I promptly called the information number and they do give exemptions for problem pregnancies...with a doctor's note. So I am now waiting for a call from my doctor's office to see if we can get the letter I need to put this behind me.

Please pray with me that this will be taken care of today. The last thing I need right now is to be stressed out!

The doctor's office called and they have written a medical excuse for me. Praise God~ I needed an answer to prayer today!


Courtney said...

Oh my! Poor thing!

Lorie said...

Oh, geeze! That would have been HORRIBLE! I'm so glad you got out of it! Yay for doctors! :o)

Diane said...

As if you needed that,Thank goodness you got your letter!!!
You poor girl! Stil having problems,wish I could help you in any way!!! Take care!

katie said...

It's funny that you mentioned this! The same thing happened to me when I was pregnant with Chloe. I got out of it too. There was NO way I could have even made it there puking and on IV's and such. God is so good! Glad you got out of it :)