Monday, November 9, 2009

The Weekend in Pictures

I just wanted to share some fun pictures from our weekend. Emma was picking a piece of candy from the candy bowl, and Nate quickly decided to get in on the fun.

Nate having his first lollipop!

These two monster bucks like to hang around our neighborhood. This is across the street from our house.

Nate trying to get a drink. The funny thing is that we don't usually get water out of the fridge, but Emma does. It really surprised me to see Nate doing this, but it just goes to show how much he watches his sister.

Tim and I went for a motorcycle ride on Saturday, and I spotted this tarantula crossing the trail.

On our way to Pueblo Emma fell asleep. We thought this was so funny because she figured out a way to prop her head up with the seatbelt.


Martha said...

Wow! You guys had a busy weekend! I love the picture of Emma with her head propped up on the seatbelt. Very smart girl!!!

Back At Ya Babe said...

Yucky spider. I can't believe you saw that thing. I have nightmares about spiders coming off the ceiling and landing on my face. You are so brave.

KarenRuth said...

Hey Cristina!
I loved all of the pictures and stories on your blog. Your cards are also so creative!
It was so much fun to get to spend some time with you and Nate this morning. Ady and I will definately have to plan another playdate soon!
See you at Bible Study!