Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First day of 1st grade!

Well....the day I have been dreading and Emma has been excitedly anticipating is here ~ the first day of first grade!

Emma is excited about having lunch at school and two recesses ~ the perks of being there all day. I have been dreading her being gone for 7 hours every day. And if Nate knew what this day was all about, I am sure he wouldn't be happy either. He is already looking around for her saying, "Memememememmememememe." (Me too buddy!)

Regardless of my misgivings, I tried to hide my sadness and make this an exciting day for Emma. Looking at these pictures from our morning, one question comes to mind: "When did she get so big?"

And as the tradition goes that I started last year, I gave Emma her "Schultute" last night. I love to see her excitement when she receives this back-to-school gift! (Click here to see last year's schultute and find out what it means, and click here to see what was inside.)


Lorie said...

Great pictures! Emma is getting SO big! I still think the gift idea is a neat one!

Laurie said...

Congrats on the first day of school for Emma! She sure looked cute and eager to go!:)

Martha said...

We started the first grade today. I love the idea of the back-to-school gift. So sweet!